A Summer for Cone Beam CT Scans

POSTED ON WEDNESDAY, JUNE 06, 2012 AT 1:09 PM  by Dr. Mark Stein

The heat and life of the brighter summer days allows us to take a step back to breathe and enjoy the weather a little more than we would during the winter months. Kick off your shoes, put on your shorts, and let the sunshine warm the skin that hasn’t seen light all winter long. With the extra time and leisure that summer affords, patients often choose to ensure their dental health is in tip top shape before the hectic winter returns. At New York Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Dr. Mark Stein can assure an accurate and comprehensive dental assessment of your oral health with the Cone Beam CT Scan.

Dr. Mark Stein and his friendly staff at New York Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery use the most advanced technology and screening for a variety of dental procedures. The Cone Beam CT Scan takes a 3D image of your teeth, roots, jaw, and even the scull to better assess your anatomy before oral surgery, orthodontic treatment, temporary anchorage devices, the Pillar Procedure, jaw tumors, periodontal disease treatment, or dental implants in New York. This scan allows you to assess the present and continued health of your teeth, jaw, and gums with an easy and convent scan. The Cone Beam CT Scan can gather necessary information about your teeth and jaw for dental implants in NY in less than a minute. In addition to scanning faster than a traditional CT scan, the Cone Beam CT Scan exposes patients to one hundred times less radiation!

Learn more about dental implants in New York by clicking on the link below:

Dental Implants New York City— Cone Bean CT Scanner

Let us know how the Cone Beam CT Scan and other advanced technologies offered at New York Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery helped you maintain a healthy summer smile! Click on the link below to contributre your reviews on Yelp, Google, Yahoo, or Dr. Oogle. Speak out, so others can receive the same stellar care and service that you enjoyed with Dr. Mark Stein.

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Take a little of your extra time this summer to assess the health of your teeth! Visit New York Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, and ask Dr. Mark Stein if a Cone Beam CT Scan can help you! Dr.  Mark Stein, D.D.S., M.D. and his staff encourage patients to express any questions or concerns you may have about dental implants in New York City. You can contact us at our New York office at 212.888.4760, or you may make an appointment online for a personal consultation with Dr. Stein.

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