Dr. Stein’s Summer Wisdom Tooth Special Still Available!

POSTED ON THURSDAY, JULY 28, 2011 AT 10:56 AM  by Dr. Mark Stein

If you’re like most people, you’ll eventually experience issues with your wisdom teeth. While it’s true that some wisdom teeth grow in properly and don’t need to be removed, The American Association of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons (AAOMS) estimates that approximately 85% of wisdom teeth will eventually need to be extracted.

Even if you’re not currently experiencing problems with your wisdom teeth, it’s important to have them checked out. Wisdom teeth can begin creating problems long before they erupt or show any outward symptoms, and ignoring them now can cause significant problems later. In fact, AAOMS suggests that wisdom teeth be extracted before they begin to cause problems. Leading New York oral & maxillofacial surgeon Dr. Mark Stein recommends that wisdom teeth be evaluated early, usually while the patient is in their mid-teens.

Five Reasons Why It’s Unwise to Ignore Your Wisdom Teeth:

  1. Did you have braces? Your incoming wisdom teeth can change the alignment of your teeth, undoing the time (and money!) you’ve put into orthodontia.
  2. Food and bacteria can get trapped in your wisdom teeth, potentially leading to tooth decay.
  3. Because your mouth is not intended to comfortably hold that many teeth, your wisdom teeth may grow in sideways, partially emerged, or completely impacted. This can be very uncomfortable.
  4. Impacted wisdom teeth can cause serious jaw and nerve damage – also uncomfortable.
  5. Wisdom teeth can cause structural damage to the surrounding teeth, such as breaking, chipping, cracking, and shifting.

Now through August 31, 2011, Dr. Stein is offering patients $200 off wisdom teeth extraction when all four wisdom teeth are removed in our office. This offer is for non-insurance participating patients only.

For more information about wisdom teeth extraction or to schedule an appointment with Dr. Stein to discuss the procedure, please call 212-888-4760 or visit Dr. Stein’s website.

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