Immediate Dental Implants Offered By Dr. Stein

POSTED ON THURSDAY, JULY 10, 2014 AT 5:51 PM  by Dr. Mark Stein

Long and tedious are words often used to describe traditional dental implant placement but Dr. Mark Stein offers an alternative, more convenient solution. Oral surgeons usually require patients to wait for the gums and jawbone to heal after tooth extraction before an implant can be placed, then once an implant is inserted, patients are often expected to wait another four to six months for an actual tooth to be placed atop an implant. The process can discourage many patients from deciding to undergo dental implant placement. Our oral surgeon, Dr. Mark Stein, understands the necessity of efficient and precise dental care, and has developed a new technique that allows many patients to leave the office with a new dental implant in NYC the same day as tooth extraction!

NYC oral surgeon, Dr. Stein, developed immediate dental implants using his CT cone beam scan machine.  As one of only a few oral surgeons to have this machine at their surgical suite, he is at the forefront of technology in his field. The CT cone beam scan machine develops hundreds of photos to create a 3D image of your jaw. The imaging allows Dr. Stein to evaluate bone density, helping to determine the best placement for an implant. Dr. Stein is also able to use the imaging to plan the size and shape of the dental implant before tooth extraction. You will leave our office with a natural-looking dental implant the same day as your tooth extraction in NY!

If you’re considering dental implants, but don’t want to be hassled with the traditional wait involved with most dental implant procedures, Dr. Stein’s immediate dental implant placement may be the best option for you. Call our oral surgery center today for more information on tooth extraction and dental implant placement all in one day! Dr. Stein and our staff at New York Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Center welcome any questions you may have about immediate dental implant placement. Contact our office at 212.888.4760, or request your appointment online today! 


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