Wisdom Tooth Extractions NY: Thank Your Ancestors!

POSTED ON WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 12, 2012 AT 5:45 PM  by Dr. Mark Stein

Third molars can prove an asset to the mouth when properly aligned, however, the jaw cannot always support the growth of these teeth. This can result in pain, infection, and nerve damage. If left untreated, wisdom teeth can impair other teeth, cause chronic sore throats, and instigate the growth of cysts and tumors.

So, what are wisdom teeth, and why are they so troublesome? The fact is, most people must have their wisdom teeth removed. These teeth are believed to have helped our early ancestors chew rough foods. As evolution went on however, human jaws became smaller, resulting in minimal room for wisdom teeth to grow. Today, this challenge results in wisdom tooth extractions in NY.

The wisdom teeth are the last to emerge between ages 17 and 25. They can become impacted or erupted and even without pain, may need to be extracted. A wisdom tooth is considered impacted when still beneath the gum. If the tooth, however, is fully broken through the gum, it is considered erupted. No matter the state of your wisdom teeth, Dr. Stein will fully evaluate your situation to ensure safe removal.

At New York Oral & Maxillofacial Surgerywisdom tooth extractions in NY are less painful and easier than ever. Advances in medicine allow minimally invasive wisdom tooth extractions in NY. Using the smallest incision possible, Dr. Mark Stein injects anti-swelling medication directly into the surgical site, reducing post op swelling and pain. With such progress in dentistry, what better time is there to consider oral surgery in NY? Learn more about wisdom teeth extractions:

Wisdom Tooth Extractions NY

Dr. Stein and his staff at New York Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery  welcome any questions or concerns you might have about wisdom tooth extraction in NY. Don’t wait until your wisdom teeth cause you problems. Call our office at 212.888.4760, or request an appointment online for your consultation.


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